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well there are on line what is apparent that peace is almost possible but. not because the situation is. because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people there between. eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone. close to the story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm has a welcome to the news grid the failure to stop the war in syria government forces and their russian allies launch
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a new ground an air offensive on the last remaining rebel held areas near damascus that's the spite a u.n. security council resolution calling for a cease fire has already been bombarded for the past week and the number of dead is rising we'll have the latest. from the winter olympics in south korea the closing ceremony after two weeks of slip sliding competition russian athletes involved in a new doping scandal were banned from marching with their national flag and the north korean delegation signaled it is ready for talks with the u.s. we have the latest from. aid agencies are warning of charge the. trafficking in refugee camps on the bangladeshi border of those camps home to almost seven hundred thousand. who have fled sectarian violence in the. six months since the latest exodus started will revisit some of those who fled. brutal
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crackdown i mean the hundreds demands are stepped up for the president to step down in the democratic republic of congo we have all the developments coming out of south asia next dust out the show using the hash tag eight innings grades. here with the news grid live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live on al-jazeera dot com good to have you with us on this sunday now we begin in syria where diplomatic efforts to end the suffering of people trapped in eastern hooter appear to have failed yet again just hours after a cease fire deal was agreed at the united nations syrian government troops launched a new ground an air offensive the rebel held areas been under heavy bombardment for the past week with at least five hundred twenty people killed now the u.n. saying it is some of the heaviest fighting of the seven year civil war activists call it a massacre the thirty day truce is supposed to allow
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a deliveries and medical evacuations germany and france are urging the russian president to pressure its ally syria into stopping the fighting. the homages going to have nothing at the welcome the security council's decision regarding a ceasefire because of the burden on our families and he said this suffering must be lifted the decision to stop the bloodshed caused by the regime in eastern guta as usual we didn't find any commitment by the syrian regime in its russian allies eastern ghouta northwestern guta southern with some almost every front in ghouta has been stalled by the regime on sunday in order to achieve some advance but they haven't succeeded. let's get a better idea now of the area we're talking about here eastern huta covers the eastern suburbs of damascus rebel mortar fire can reach the center of the capital so victory there is a big government priority to rebel groups hostile to each other control different
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sections of the enclave along with several smaller groups government forces of try to enter by using the homesteader massacres highway and also. to get more now from osama bin javid who is in the turkish border city of gaziantep near the turkish border with syria so what is the latest there on the fighting. well we heard from the united nations security council that a cease fire for thirty days was unanimously approved but it hasn't been it coming into force in eastern we've heard that multiple fronts have become a little since this morning just hours into that declaration of a cease fire where the syrian government tried to end to this. from various sides rebel forces on the ground have been telling us that they've been able to hold back that offensive but because they're stretched and this offensive has launched has
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been launched from multiple fronts so it has been tough to hold hold back from various sides what has been described to us on the ground by the civilians is that there was at least some sort of respite for a few i was after this declaration at the united nations security council but in the morning the syrian government came with full force residential areas defensive positions and everything else has come under attack we've heard from multiple doctors describing to us the desperate situation on the ground it's been raining all day people are stuck there stranded inside their basements i mean there's very little food there's not much to keep them warm and they've been calling for help from the outside world has been some reaction to what is happening in eastern to iran on its part says that this offensive that is ongoing in eastern guta will continue because the united nations security council resolution does not cover this fight which is against what it calls terrorist groups for france and germany on
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their part have tried to talk to the russian government to try and persuade the bashar al assad government that pressure supports to try and end the suffering in the east and stop the fighting so that aid can actually come in to this enclave which holds more than for about four hundred thousand people who are desperately in need of humanitarian aid and medical assistance. it's a sign of a jab at life for us there in gaziantep thank you let's take a closer look now at the u.n. resolution and wow the top line of a cease fire might sound strong the small print gives the syrian government and its allies some wiggle room the deal took days of negotiations and in the end the u.n. agreed to seek the truce in their words without delay instead of immediately syria's ally russia had argued an immediate cease fire was unrealistic and the kluges an exemption allowing military action against al qaeda affiliated groups and i saw some diplomats had feared the syrian government would argue all those
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fighting in eastern who to have links with those groups the serious other main supporter iran says the offensive will continue on areas held by wit what it calls terrorists it is in a sea of political analysts marwan bashar joins us now from london so modern given what sami just reported to us a moment ago and the apparently way that the syrian government has in this in the language of the cease fire is this just a cease fire and or in name only this there are definitely three levels to this conversation about the cease fire there's there's a diplomatic layer and that's been a week of hypocrisy at the united nations so much so that ambassador mickey and ambassador have a seemly you know have exchanged all kinds of a super moratti at the united nations about the issue of syria but everyone knows
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that both sides have been dishonest this week whether it's on question of palestine or the question of syria. but be that as it may they are i've a sum total sort of resolution after hundreds of people died because the disagreement was whether it's immediate or whether it was eventually i think the russians wanted to give leeway to their client bashar al assad to finish the job as it were and hence the job this is the second layer of the strategy slash military clearly the russians and the syrians and the iranian backers they want to make sure that the entire zone around damascus and all the way up to the north will all be cleared out from any opposition figures because they want to make sure they have full control as other regional and and international powers are also taken control of such example that the turks in the north the americans in the north east and so on and so forth so really the russian the russian slash city regimes will not tolerate any presence of any oppositions moving forward then hence they will use
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whatever extra time only way they have in order to clean bombard killed whatever and hence we are the third lever and which is the humanitarian one it has been really unprecedented the degree to which we've seen the destruction and the killing you know hundreds of thousands of dead syrians over the last few years and hundreds of just the last few days so really the the the treasure the called syria continues to and travel at the compute continues to unravel as the world looks in silence yeah and the rebels do seem to be facing some very long odds here in in holding out in eastern huta given given the level of bombardment and the sheer destruction that you're talking about there so a lot of people will be wondering perhaps those who are familiar with the timeline of this conflict to just be wondering why don't the rebels just lay down their
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weapons to put an end to the continued loss of life. yes for those who are you know wondering that way and i think it's a legitimate question just as it is legitimate question to ask why does bashar al assad need to kill hundreds of thousands of people simply to stay in power why does the regime need to continue seven years of onslaught in a civil war that led to the displacements of millions to casualties in the millions and to the death in the hundreds of thousands simply to remain in power i think for the opposition let's all remember that seven years ago this opposition started as a peaceful opposition against a regime that is the tauriel and repressive and it was the regime that there and against its people and that throughout with the iranian support and later on with the russian support incompetent syrian forces were unable to take on the opposition
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so what we see now is basically the residual forces from the opposition after years and years of bombardment by the russians the iranians and the syrians not to be able to have that kind of steadfastness in even small pockets so really the question is why don't they seize that one bartman allow for humanitarian assistance to arrive and which a diplomatic solution because for those fighters slash opposition forces groups in some other places in syria at this point in time it is a question of life and death because even if they do surrender there will probably end up either dead or in the journals of the syrian regime for decades to come so who is responsible for this certainly not not the opposition certainly not the innocent people and is the hutto those who are responsible for this are those who allowed this civil war to continue. as it does and those who backed the syrian
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regime that is a responsible according to the united nations for over ninety percent of the deaths and the destruction of syria. good to get your thoughts on this as always marwan al-jazeera senior political analyst in london and you can visit our web site for an explainer on syria's civil war the art school there explains how the ongoing conflict started as an offshoot of the twenty eleven arab spring uprisings until today situation take a look at that dot com now the winter games have wrapped up in south korea with the head of the international olympic committee saying they prove that sport can bring people together closing ceremony caps seventeen days of sporting action and political breakthrough a north korean general and u.s. president donald trump's daughter ivanka sat just meters apart of the event the general said his country is willing to open talks with the u.s.
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national team reports now from coming on. from protesters at the border and the stadium too uncomfortable questions asked by reporters. it was a controversial arrival at the closing ceremony of the winter olympics for the north korean delegation. some south koreans are angry about the delegation leader general kimmitt young is thought to be behind attacks against the south including the sinking of a warship in twenty ten that killed forty six sailors now. president of korea is still. doing. periodic. wrong report just. now and. here this is. south korean president moon use the games to reboot into
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a korean relations. the so-called peace olympics included a joint women's hockey team athletes celebrating korean nationalism by marching under a unified flag as well as the visit by kim yo jiang the sister of the north korean leader she arrived with an invite for moon to visit pyongyang that's a two hour test it was a good olympics as it were so concerned about it last year but it went so well many north koreans came in i wish this could lead to unification. it was interesting he was an honor for us to host it i really enjoyed it and. even the choice of olympic venues was symbolic gang one province is divided between the north and south. if the tension continues into tourist income so peace is very important to our economy north korea participated in the olympics and this has become a basis for establishing a base here and that means
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a lot to us. for the russians the games and did as they began marching without their flag two of their athletes were disqualified after testing positive for banned drugs four years on from the sochi doping scandal russians were only allowed to compete under an olympic flag as all athletes return home the question here is what happens after the olympics. the u.s. announced its toughest package of sanctions against north korea on friday with the hope it will pressure the country to denuclearize whether that will work when other sanctions have failed remains to be seen and there's no word yet on when president moon might travel to the north if he does he'll become the first south korean president to meet kim jong un since he became leader seven years ago natasha going to al-jazeera south korea. and for more on the closing ceremony in the final day of
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the winter olympics you start here thank you very much has them as you just heard from natasha in her package russian athletes were not allowed to parade under their own flag at the closing ceremony n.p.r. but the international olympic committee has hinted that russia might be back in the olympic fold again soon that will only happen if there are no more doping violations from the raf leads throughout young chang one hundred sixty eight russians have been competing is neutral known as a limp dick athletes from russia before the games they had to prove they would claim bad as we know two failed drug test take a listen to what i.o.c. president thomas back had to say earlier on. to order to get these from fake open this year in china. this was hugely disappointing and in addition to other considerations prevented the un it was he from even considering
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lifting the suspension of the clothes he served. the suspension of the r.c. sports either we leave the ones that don't freeze or else you need your face you as prefer their own if you know and it will be with violations by members of the away in our delegation. russia did have one victory to celebrate on the final day of the lympics day they won gold in the men's ice hockey beating germany in a thrilling title decider the russians came back from a goal down to equalize a three three with fifty six seconds left in regulation time sending the game into overtime carol kept resolve then school the sudden death goal to secure a festival gold in men's hockey for a russian team since nine hundred ninety two although the team might be in some trouble as they thought the national anthem over the top of the olympic anthem during the medal ceremony the russian on them had also been banned from these games
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along with the flag. here's some reaction to this online said i it tweeted this he said russian fans and gold medalists ice hockey team having to screen the national anthem over the elin pick one someone said they aren't this one then have a look at this tweet from the tosh ago kena she said when everyone was saying i limp a great in fact i was saying this and she tweeted a photo of the russians like imposed over the top of the olympic flag and this one from a very happy at the palace talking about the decision to not allow russians to march on to the psyche he says the i.o.c. keeps russia out of the olympic closing ceremony so i read that it makes a good decision regarding doping but i suppose it calls for a celebration well the final gold medal handed out at these olympics was in cross country skiing and they couldn't the feign a more fitting when it than this woman married bianca and the thirty seven year old of the huge star in her home country norway under the ready become the most
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decorated winter olympian of all time earlier in the game gold in the thirty kilometer mascot with our fifth medal in pyongyang on the fifteenth of her career in the final a limb pick right and ensured no way finished on the top of the medal table. let us know your favorite moments of the winter olympics using the hash tag a.j. news go to tweet me i'm at i'm touching on ot be back with more sports at eight hundred g.m.t. that's now hasn't it but the great life that you and i will look forward to that. hundreds of revenge are continue to pour over the myanmar border into bangladesh six months after a military crackdown sparked the refugee crisis about seven hundred thousand people have fled since august half of them are children they're now crammed into squalid camps where disease spreads easily and while those camps are supposed to provide safety they are often rife with danger aid agency save the children says young
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girls face being trafficked or assaulted rights groups estimate that dozens of rabindra villages have been ransacked and burned and those escaping bring harrowing accounts of torture rape and murder and we tracked down some of those we met when the accident exodus began charlotte bellus has their story. as you said big and was one of six hundred eighty eight thousand revenger refugees who have streamed across a million mark bangladesh border fleeing what they call a targeted campaign to wipe them out we first met her in december the nine year old had been shot three times in the leg arm in arm pit by a soldier at close range. six months on she's still in pain and has decided she won't go back to iraq where. they killed my father killed my mother i feel
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scared i don't want to go back to me in my hour they were bombing houses sitting them on fire pulling people out from their homes and shooting them torturing me and i'm scared to see all their all one in one and i still feel like dying a fireman that those days. when they raped our women and you can see what they did to this child. there are thousands of is here recovering from different weapons of war these two sisters say myanmar soldiers tied them to trees and raped them their mother father and three siblings were locked inside their home which was then sister lives not much has changed since we first met the teenage girls in january they care and crucible long camp got them you know cabs although bright and colorful the girls say they remain cloaked in darkness. as an image and we can't go back to burma if we are asked to we don't have parents brothers and
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sisters no house to live there where should we live. the bangladesh in myanmar government's made a deal to repatriate the revenger but six months on they refused to return in november abdul fi showed us his house right across the border he says ranger want to guarantee of safety compensation for the destroyed villages and citizenship something they have been denied for thirty five years rubble this idea of money we want to tell the world of we want to live like human beings we want to educate our children and we want to live a peaceful life with our family we asked the world to provide justice for all. men miles government continues to deflect accusations of ethnic cleansing and even genocide justice for the revenger is hard to come by. i have no father no mother and so much pain if i have to go out to collect firewood it's so painful. those who survived the crackdown in the camps live with scars on
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their bodies and in their minds charlotte ballasts al-jazeera. of could be it is the bangladesh director at action aid and she joins us now from that thanks very much for being with us a six months on. people are still leaving riyadh mar are they not in the same numbers as before but that that does tell us doesn't have the things that the situation of brought this on hasn't changed yes and i think from the government statistics that are saying that will in this one week more than five hundred going those have crossed over so the violation and the violence has definitely not stopped otherwise why would they leave and i understand from speaking to the ruling goes that they're shocked at just everything there was shortage beef for but it has reached an acute state now no water no food they're restricted in their movement so it is reached that sort of accurate stage where
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they are desperately needing and for those displaced ranger who are in those camps in. in bangladesh what is what is their most urgent need right now. well it's six months and they have been living in plastic sheets you know in a kind of a six feet seven feet space with five ten members of the family together so adaptation is very important and we still haven't managed to sort of that was the sanitation lateran water problem all of us together trying but you can't service seven hundred thousand people are all of a sudden so the infrastructure for that is missing and so we need ackerman we need a lot more psychosocial care we really have to work together to build the trust of the women and the girls and that has to be through some form of education.
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other kinds of activities like sports it's really very difficult i mean they're just living from morning till night and the next day for ford and continuing in a way which is so uncertain and many of them still suffer from the trauma that they faced when in me and mar and we need to engage them that women need safe spaces we are trying to organizations like ours to create its pieces give a range separate lateran and bathing speeches for women. we give them so i know that it's but it's not enough so the camp needs lot more lighting sanitation disposal are our management and next to that i think is trying to deal with and work with the children by giving them creative opportunities education and sports other ways they cannot live in this and certain
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to forever and. we're going to have to it we're going to have to leave it there are for a career thanks very much for being with us. and there is a very good visual explainer on our web site www dot com it's about the range of crisis through several maps you can follow the path of ranging from me and miles behind states of the countries it's all there on our website c.n.n. dot com this is the news grid if you're watching us on facebook live you're about to hear about the scientists who are growing inside animals that could then be given to people who need transplants and then later occupied east jerusalem church of the holy supple car shot down over israel's new tax policy.
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hello this late winter rain has been falling in the middle east the spirits lousiest far and wide now as funnels turkmenistan as far south as miller saudi arabia a typical figure from iran is about forty six millimeters say typical it tails off as you go further south it's more like to be concentrated further north of the last moving eastwards so the full cost of monday's rain in afghanistan maybe but in pakistan rain stretching of turkmenistan as well the temperature above freezing by a long way now and now motti in baku got posse levon and the next system is already lined up to bring rain through iraq and a fairly windy day on the coastal event eighteen in beirut breeze and bright i would suggest is the two words to use if anything the rain is still there on tuesday in iraq in syria but the sun has replaced the bright weather in beirut still a bit of a breeze there more rain a bit of snow for the higher ground in turkey but it's dried out through most iran
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except for that western border area to the sas more rain is coming yes there's already been some it looks like monday will probably be dry was always a hint with cloud around you might see something out of the sky but it seems far more likely the time we get to tuesday that once more rain will be felt in kuwait bahrain qatar and eventually beyond out in the u.a.e. . transparency international has the latest global ranking. makes history by launching a crypto currency. counting the cost at this time.
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to three d. printing and recycled waste to. africa transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and . challenging systems and shaping. creative thinkers. future innovate africa.
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on the news great secret look at the top stories that are trending on our website dot com number one into a couple of stories that are going to tell you more about later this is their reaction to the. indian a movie star she did as she devil who died yesterday and around all over the only separ shutdown over new israeli tax policy and of course events in syria getting a lot of attention as well on our web site. now as you just christian leaders in israel have closed the church built at the site where jesus is
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burial is thought to have taken place to protest a new tax the church of the holy sepak or in occupied east jerusalem is a hugely significant site for christians they believe jesus was crucified and buried before resurrecting force it is outside the church with the details. well it's sunday and perhaps the most important christian science in the entire world and the man who holds the key to the church of the holy sepulcher has been here in front of what is a locked door and the reason for that closure which the patriarchates involves the catholic greek an armenian patriarchate to run this church they say this is an unprecedented measure to try to combat what they say is to stand systemic discrimination against christians in the holy land both through tax demands which have been made by jewish names municipality and by a proposed piece of legislation which they say would allow the israeli government to appropriate their property this is that about the end unprecedented the pack
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against christians in their holy land. by only the most basic. and serve the right. of that they only get. off relation to push. her more. so in the square outside we have large groups of disappointed tourists many of whom travel a long way to visit the church of early several the reason that we've got to this point will essentially there are two of them the first is the jerusalem's municipality is trying to redefine church property saying that that which is used specifically by the church is for prayer for other church activities should be tax exempt but property which they own and on which they earn income that should not be tax exempt and indeed they have moved to seize some funds from the greek orthodox patriarchate in response to that the other issue is about this bill which is being promoted which seeks to potentially according to the patriarchates anyway
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appropriate church land the israeli government's perspective on this is that the church has been selling some of that property and that the people who own apartments and houses on that on that land now don't know who owns it and that is an unsustainable situation the church as far as it's concerned says that this is discriminatory racist even evokes the appropriation of jewish law in. in europe during the dark days of the last century they say this is an attack on christians here in iowa. are a force that then our interactive team has put together a three sixty degree exploration of jerusalem's holiest mosque the tour allows you to experience the whole compound in more detail just drag your mouse to navigate and walk through a locks and other religious landmarks on the site it's all there for you al jazeera dot com now with more of the day's news here's barbara sarah in london has and thank you let's start in yemen three days of air strikes have pounded
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a rebel held port in the west of the yemen displacing thousands of people who are already in need of aid many who the fighters have reportedly been killed by the saudi led coalition attacks on her data in reports. one of the saudi led air strikes spared little here but data is the strategically important port city in western yemen saudi warplanes have repeatedly targeted surrounding neighborhoods since thursday reportedly killing dozens of who the fighters and civilians before the start of the civil war nearly three years ago were data port handled around seventy percent of yemen's imports including critically needed food and humanitarian supplies since then it's become one of the most complex front lines controlled by who the rebels it is either being bombed or blockaded by the saudi coalition but it recent months the u.s. government which backs the saudi led bombing campaign against the iranian backed
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who these has sent cranes to the data to replace those destroyed in airstrikes all part of efforts to increase the amount of aid into yemen but help is only trickling in while yemenis suffer what the united nations described as the world's worst humanitarian crisis at this camp for the internally displaced on the outskirts of who data few have received any kind of help. and i have four kids and i don't know what to do to feed them i have nothing and can do nothing we don't have furniture we don't have beds wouldn't have blankets we have nothing the u.n. says nearly all of yemen's twenty five million people need some form of humanitarian assistance with close to half of the population in acute need of support. the numbers of displaced people are increasing day by day here and who dated there are more than twenty one thousand displaced we urge the government and politicians and aid organizations to do more to help displaced people who are
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living in misery their numbers are increasing and the aid doesn't reach them quickly enough there is a severe shortage of food and the prices of goods here are very high since the war began more than ten thousand people have been killed and yemen's economy crippled with the fighting showing little sign of slowing. now to turn crisis is only getting worse if you started out as. turkey says it will discuss with the czech republic the possible extradition of a syrian kurdish leader sally muslim the turkish foreign minister says muslim was arrested in prague at its request muslim is a former cold leader of the p. y. d. now turkey considers that party as well as its armed wing the white p.g. to be terrorist groups with links to the p.k. k. turkish forces began a campaign against the y p g in syria's northern a freenet region last month's. several thousand people have rallied in central moscow in honor of the murdered opposition leader boris nemtsov demonstrations are
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being held all over the country ahead of the third anniversary of his death themself was a vocal critic of president vladimir putin and was shot dead on a moscow bridge overlooking the kremlin in february two thousand and eight. well that's it for me for an hour be back at sixteen hundred g.m.t. with all of the day's news and other let's go back to hasn't. barbara thanks very much there's new revelations about why do you booty seized a major container port from a u.a.e. owned company now the ports director says the buy based d.p. world was paying a former manager a bribe of a million dollars a month to maintain the company's monopoly dubai is now taking djibouti to court over it they say ending the contract to operate out of the dolly port is illegal lets give you more idea of just what this is all about the port is on the babil mendips trade between djibouti and yemen as you can see there it has access to shipping lanes linking europe asia and africa it's one of several ports in the
6:38 pm
region run by dubai based d.p. world and the government in djibouti says it nationalized because the contract with the united arab emirates company was damaging its sovereignty and economic independence our sources have told that the relations soured after djibouti refused to allow the u.a.e. to set up a military base on its soil djibouti is already home to several foreign bases including armed forces from the u.s. france and china and this dispute sparked regional concern as almost all of the goods going to landlocked ethiopia move through darling it's also used to transfer a lot of the aid into water in yemen. has more or. a contract signed in two thousand and six for d.p. world to operate the drala container terminal in the port of djibouti was meant to last for thirty years but in two thousand and fourteen launched a lawsuit against d.p. world accusing it of bribing
6:39 pm
a former port director to secure favorable terms then on thursday the government terminated the contract. for the west apprised of the contract is so unfair and detrimental to our rights and our national sovereignty and that so many years after signing it when we asked about the need to enlarge the ports and build new ones we were told we had no right to do that dubai is infuriated and has described the move as oppressive and cynical and as an illegal seizure designed to force the dubai ports world to renegotiate the terms of the concession d.p. world is seeking international arbitration g. but he says the decision is final perfectly comfortable to upright it's like. this is a business this is politics. they're going to ten percent. would break. anyway that we were ready to settle. so why don't they don't sell to us but behind the dispute there was fierce international competition to control the red sea the port
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of djibouti is considered one of the most coveted pieces of real estate in the horn of africa strategically located on the state of babel meant that the shipping lanes link the indian ocean to the red sea channeling more than half a cargo between europe and asia djibouti is also close to regional conflict zones including yemen somalia and sudan as well as the swiss canal because of its strategically important position the united states chose duty to set up its first permanent military base in africa more than a dozen drone flights are operated daily from camplin one year as well as training and planning for security operations across the region. france also has a military base in djibouti and china set up its first major military base overseas there japan italy spain saudi arabia station troops there as well ironically the country more dependent for its economic survival and djibouti has no military
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presence landlocked if you open receives eighty percent of its imports from the port china is building an additional port for djibouti and it has recently built a much needed railway line for the transportation of passengers and goods between ethiopia and djibouti the decades long border dispute between. if you hope is interesting closer ties with more important reports suggest that relations between djibouti and the united arab emirates soured after the u.a.e. started military cooperation with eritrea. it's not clear who replaced the united arab emirates in djibouti with a sudden turn nation of the d.p. world contact. our desire. hundreds of people are demonstrating in the streets of the democratic republic of congo demanding that president joseph kabila steps down has that story thank you has them now this was the scene that we saw in the capital kinshasa people gathered to take part in
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a march led by the catholic church and the opposition which has become increasingly vocal against the president they supported that the security forces surrounded churches and blocked roads they also fired bullets and tear gas killing one protester and injuring two others. now the church has played a key role in reaching a deal between the ruling party and opposition in twenty sixteen under which could mean that was allowed to remain in power under until the elections in twenty seventeen however the deal did fall through juicy delays in setting an election date could be as accused of directing the process by clinging on to power and has also come under fire for corruption and repression in the country and according to the constitution of the country the president cannot seek a third term in office protesters want elections to take place this december now we saw some of the scenes early in the last month protesters were bad and by the
6:43 pm
authorities there and people were dispersed with live ammunition now according to the united nations as well as the organizers fifteen people killed by security forces but the government denies this they say that two people died. now the economic and humanitarian situation in the d r c has also deteriorated according to amnesty international the annual inflation rate increased by fifty percent last year adding to deeper poverty levels they have from one of their representatives many have been killed dozens of been injured and hundreds of been be try to be detained and this must not continue the government must take action and listen to people's grievances instead of using force against and timing the forces that are supposed to protect them into enemies and it into blood shed in the streets. we are calling on the government to respect its own constitution as soon
6:44 pm
as you see international be conditions under spec the right to freedom of assembly . now the government has reportedly also shut down the internet and despite reports of hundreds of people in the streets many have also taken to social media campaign as well we heard from some in the congolese diaspora. on paper. only appear see we see an increase in opponents using online platforms al gore's for a thing that there are many more opponents on mine than in the field they're calling for the respect of the constitution the presidential mandates are also critical of the way because the moment is treating demonstrators the government. of protests because. of the internet in terms of organization. he stated he refuses to organizations. that he's going to leave anytime
6:45 pm
soon the hope of the people it to eighteen. year we don't could be that these prisons we or without election and following that into that shutdown press freedom groups like the see p.j. are calling on the governments to keep i quote the internet on and there's also for telecoms that talks that are being criticized for what online users are saying is limiting internet freedom not these networks like vodacom orange air tel and after cell people also use nash tags february twenty fifth march and could be a must go sharing various pictures of the protests as well that the european union switzerland and canada have also issued a joint statement underscoring the importance of respecting fundamental rights including the right to demonstrate so if you are currently in the d.r. see we do want to get your thoughts let us know what's happening on the ground there connected us using the hash tag news grid or message me directly i'm at
6:46 pm
raheen a moment as i'm. thanks for hillary now if she jinping china's most powerful leader in decades could stay in office indefinitely that's after the ruling communist party called for a change in the constitution so leaders can serve more than two consecutive terms it would then allow she to be selected again as president in twenty twenty three will be formally chosen to serve a second term on march fifth let's talk more about this now with steve saying in nottingham in the u.k. via skype he's the director of the china institute of the school of oriental and african studies at the university of london good to speak with you so i let me ask you first of all are you surprised by this and the reason i asked that is because she jinping when you look at his his personal background he is the son of. a com senior communist party official from the don't euro who eventually fell foul of him and was punished under mao and that affected his life as well so does he my
6:47 pm
question is does he really want to go down that road is he is there a danger that he's going to do that with this well she jinping is not a model which she is a non-issue and he is determined to stay in power in china tool as long as he thinks necessary to implementing his policy. he does not actually need to extend his term of office as president is to do that because the office don't hold power in china is being general secretary of the communist party and he is already the general secretary and there is no limit to how many terms he can serve as general secretary so in that sense it is not necessary but he has decided to do it to make it very very clear he is in tension
6:48 pm
but what about the optics of that star is a good look for china when it's trying to present itself as a leader on the on the global stage and it is like free trade and fighting climate change on and so on and it's led by a president who is about so rewrite the rule book so he can stay in power indefinitely. well that is the difference between how things are being seen in china and perhaps outside of china xi jinping clearly things that doing sold will put china in a positive light. it is raising questions outside of china as to whether this is actually strengthening institution in isolation and and making china more predictable xi jinping things that it will because he will be in charge the rest of us who things that people have terms of office and when terms are finished should move on and do not think so how popular is. playing
6:49 pm
among among ordinary chinese people obviously in china the regime has very tight control over of public opinion over of any kind of dissent but how how much of his support is genuine among people there. in the wider general population of china xi jinping is actually genuinely popular you have china would to have genuine open elections tomorrow i would put my money the xi jinping will actually win a fair you actually now within the communist party i think he is probably less strongly supported than he east in the white of population and the main reason is that she jinping has been implementing a party were to be cations campaign which you call it publicly and corruption campaign so put it general public they like the anti corruption directory but people within the party who are at the receiving end of the anti corruption
6:50 pm
drive and new city offices they are one of the last happy about it good to speak with your state saying they're in and not again thank you what's more our websites you can explore more about long term vision for china check out inside story today which will be discussing whether she is the world's most powerful leader and what last year's party congress reveals about his global ambitions you can find that on as is it a dot com just click on inside story. a still to come on the grid one of india's biggest movie stars sridevi dies at the age of fifty four.
6:51 pm
i am doing this for the benefit of saddam people. so bad they see the importance of the outcry. witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks when people need to be heard and still goes lucky to good to be as. good as
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a hybrid and the story needs to be tuned just largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the mood winning documentaries. and live news on on and . all right now this was the most popular trending story on our web site today just gives you an idea how popular she was actors politicians and millions of fans been paying tribute to indian actress tree davy who died suddenly at the age of fifty four she appeared in more than one hundred films in several indian languages
6:53 pm
but it was her performance in a bollywood classic of the one nine hundred eighty s. the transformed her into one of india's female superstars mariana hahn looks back. she stepped into bollywood at a time when the industry was largely a male. tree davies performance in this eighty's blockbuster mr india turned heads and redefined the place of female actresses and bollywood for eva. the film critics described her as a show stephen a mr india became a cult classic and suddenly sridevi was filling sentiments the we. can't educate you. comic genius through the crowd. it was
6:54 pm
a lot but it was his skill and beauty as a dancer that truly kept advice with audiences who was the only was she started out as a child actress in southern india i'm a big black eyes. and went on to appear in more than a hundred films to make you feel like many actresses of her generation she went by one name tree davey but unlike of the leading women she quickly overtook him my old costars to become the box office draw. it paved the way for today's bollywood stars to seamlessly make the move from bollywood to hollywood's themselves who was getting access to family says she suffered a heart attack on saturday while attending a wedding in dubai her instagram account received tens of thousands of messages and
6:55 pm
bollywood fans in india and abroad took to social media to express their condolences among them bollywood actress priyanka chopra and didn't is prime minister narendra. madi many in india were shocked at his sudden death. space from a certain friendship level to which rose i think at that particular time for females to come to that level was a little difficult was the first news flash on my for me everybody had my home was very sad. she stopped acting after him marriage to film producer bernie couple more but made a successful comeback in two thousand and twelve but the hit movie english vinglish . life this is. the one. that many will feel she division like. to. vertica it is a journalist and film critic who is also the author of the adventures of an intrepid film critic she says treat every was far more than
6:56 pm
a bollywood star she was an excellent actress she was beautiful she was a brilliant dancer she was very good at pebbly emotional films but she was also very good and very well remembered for her comedy also she was she is or was originally produced other than india and was comfortable in those languages and initially when she broke into the indie film industry body good there was other dubbing pop-up but after a while she became so popular that even that was not necessary and it was just to her meaning screen presence and the fact that she was she was such a me she was such a brilliant package the looks the acting the damn thing all of that put together it was unique and you would rarely find such a combination among men all women everywhere in the world. the late great treat every cup or died on saturday more now with what are people saying online she's calls shock waves online has with her fans and in india and also abroad there's no
6:57 pm
asking some of her friends across the world to tell us more about her legacy listen to this. as a millennial i have grown up watching her movies the sewers and every door. and about well she was an excellent human being she was one of those that consists of who used to all the moves she was one of the most versatile actors that i have ever seen in indian cinema she did some fine bull terriers of very strong feminine characters and these are the main each in my memory the stage was her world and she gave it her all she's going to leave a big void in indian cinema and it's going to be very hard to fill that i think growing up in the eighty's today we showed a fun and irreverent cited bollywood the actress is aspired not have also diverse animals to many my favorite ones were as a drug addicted thing in job as which at the time was quite to the subject let us
6:58 pm
know what did sedate his legacy mean to you get in touch with us use the hash tag aging is best or you can message me directly and. thanks very much for it later that will do this for the certain years great to join us again at twenty four hours from now and hear of all of the ways you can get in touch with us.
6:59 pm
jeannette morale is was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp say i'm going to be up at the gala the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand and five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government will fail.
7:00 pm
the biggest a step in the monkey. decades activists in seats of government and we didn't want to be part of this institution. we really didn't want technologically challenging politics and implementing democracy so open source code to use the free for everyone to look we are innovators we are activists we are. talking madrid at this time on a. syrian government forces launch a new ground and their offensive against rebel held eastern just hours after the un approved the ceasefire.


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